I've been bouncing around Greece far more than I typically do when visiting new places. My original plan was to stay in Athens for the majority of the time, with a few weekend trips off to various destinations. This didn't really work out for a few reasons. Firstly, I've learned that it's a lot harder to arrange transportation for things like island hopping this time of year. Ferries, trains and even airlines all have less frequent trips, and to fewer destinations. I've also learned that Athens isn't really my cup of tea! All major cities have a tendency to be noisy, dirty and loud. But Athens seems to take this to an extreme. To make matters worse, trying to get around by bicycle is very difficult. This makes it harder for me to explore, and also harder to get some daily exercise.

I hate to only recount the negative things, but I've quickly come to realize that Greece has a lot to offer, the majority of it being outside of Athens. Take a look at my upcoming posts on Nafplio and Santorini for evidence!

One tip I've picked up while wandering around new places is "when in doubt, go up." This rule of thumb rarely backfires. One potential downside to this is that I sometimes wander into gorgeous places and don't even know where I am. I think this was Lycabettus Hill?
A view of the Acropolis from wherever I happened to be while wandering around aimlessly.
A stoic statue at the Theatre of Dionysus.
This is the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Apparently it's still in use today! Although they dress it up for such occasions, with a temporary center stage.
Step aside, Parthenon! The most compelling part of the Acropolis to me was the Erechtheion.
From the top of the Acropolis, looking down on the Theatre of Dionysus and Acropolis museum.
A view from Areopagus Hill. There's a lot of history sitting on top of this rock! One event that stuck out to me is that this is where the apostle Paul gave a famous sermon.
The Roman Agora. While I'm not a huge admirer of architecture, there are some beautiful buildings here in Greece!
After a few very busy days in Athens, I was starting to get tired. Tired of cramming my brain full of history, tired of walking, and tired of the constant noise and bustle from the city. So I grabbed my bike and headed deep into the mountains.
Of course, even deep in the mountains you can't escape the history of this place. I found myself at an old monastery, which was partly still in service. It was very peaceful here.
To cap off my escape into the mountains, I found this restaurant on my way back home. It seemed to be ran by an elderly couple, although I can't be certain because they didn't speak any English.
I was feeling a bit lonely, as sometimes happens on my travels. This kitten sensed my loneliness and decided to sit with me for lunch. Either that, or it sensed I had delicious food. Maybe both?
This kitten's companionship came with a price!
Lastly, some of the food I've been eating this week. Of course, tons of fresh seafood! I've also been enjoying a wide variety of meats, vegetables and breads. Greek food has surpassed my expectations, and I love how simple and yet delicious everything is.