December 25th, 2021

Merry Christmas! I just have one single post for my time in Atlanta! I left Puerto Rico at the end of November, and spent a few days in Florida visiting my grandma and uncle. I then went to Atlanta for a few days, and then to California for a week. After that, I was back to Atlanta to spend the holidays with my family. I've clearly been very busy, and also focusing more on spending time with my friends and family than keeping up with this blog post. Nonetheless, I have a ton of photos and videos to share from the past month!

Out at dinner with some of my friends in San Francisco! From the left: Derek and his girlfriend, me, Jenn and Richard. The bottles in the back are a liqueur from Richard's new company, Bitter Journey.
Team photo from my first company offsite! We went go-karting. It was awesome, and kind of surreal, to meet some of the people I've been working with for the past two years in person.
Family photo! Left to right: JD, Daniel, Dad, Mom, Rachel, Kaydon, Trevon and myself. And, of course, Knuckles hanging out, probably mid-bark.
My nephews decided to draw on my face while I was getting some post-Thanksgiving naps in. This is me, waking up and enacting my revenge!
Out eating Bruster's ice cream with my brother Daniel.
Me and my best friend Justin went out to eat at this great Korean BBQ place. On the expensive side of things, but really good quality meats.
My sister took me skydiving! Here's an epic photo, right after we jumped from the plane.
And an in-action video of the skydive, as well!