June 19th, 2022

It was a really busy week! Between meeting up with family, planning for parties and going out and about with friends, I barely had a moment to stop. I didn't do a great job at taking photos, which sometimes happens when I'm feeling particularly busy. But it was a good kind of busy, and I do have some worth sharing!

This was at Ship Rock Grille, where we met my Uncle Gregg and Aunt Liz for lunch. Great views, okay food, bad service. But absolutely fantastic company!
While out cycling I came across this cute port-hole in a fence. They had installed it so their dog could peek at people who walked past, and it had a plaque above that read "Hello! My name is Tony"
On Sunday, my sister came in to town and her, my brother and I all headed out to the city of Golden. We saw this rock hovering over the town. We later learned it was called South Table and was a surprisingly short hike to the top. So off we went!
Halfway up to South Table, there were these cool sunflowers lining the trail.
The view from the top of South Table. Well...sort of the top.
On top of South Table! Siblings united!
Finally, another photo I took of all of us together. I really like this one because we were mid-laugh when the camera took the picture.

June 12th, 2022

Headed down to Colorado Springs with a couple friends who were competing in the Spartan marathon. While I didn't participate in the marathon this time, it was a ton of fun getting out there and cheering them on. I didn't take a ton of photos, but certainly have a few worth sharing.

The four of us as we arrived in Colorado Springs! Me, Bentley, Kyla and Hailey.
Me and Hailey practicing the rope climb before she did her 10k marathon.
Goofing off after Hailey finished her race.
Here's some homemade delicacies this time! The left is lox toast with chive cream cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette salad. On the right is garlic herb roasted chicken, basil gnocchi and some white cheddar and truffle roasted veggies.
And some food while eating out. A sashimi sampler platter on the left, and some of the best garlic knots I've ever had from The Public House on the right.

June 5th, 2022

Arrived in Denver this week! I stayed at a hotel for a couple of days, and then moved into an Airbnb with my brother for the rest of the month. I'm planning on staying in Denver for a couple of months, maybe more. It's been a blast so far - my friend Hailey lives here and had a birthday over the weekend. So she invited me and a few of her other friends out to a cabin up in Steamboat Springs.

On my way into Denver, I happened to see this cool stop off the highway. So I pulled my car over, grabbed my guitar and stopped for a minute to enjoy the view.
One of the highlights of Steamboat Springs is the Strawberry Park natural hot springs. We spent an afternoon there, getting massages and soaking in the springs.
Me and my friend Wesley cooked dinner for the crew on Friday night. I met Wesley and Hailey both in Hawaii, where I would regularly host BBQs. So it was fun to bring that tradition back!
We all headed out to go whitewater rafting. It's been so long since I've gone, so it was fun to get back on a river. There was a race that weekend, and while we didn't participate, it was cool to see all the people (racers and spectators) zooming down the river.
A gorgeous shot from the drive into Steamboat Springs. I'm not 100% sure, but pretty positive that this was Lake Catamount, photographed from I-40.
On Sunday I took a quick daytrip to Yampa River botanic park. It was really pretty, but unfortunately I didn't take too many photographs!
Out for dinner at Besame Steamboat.
And here's my dinner at Besame! Grilled octopus and paella. The octopus was fantastic, the paella was just so-so. I was surprised that the seafood tasted pretty fresh, though!