Of the cities we visited on this trip, I think Prague might have been my favorite. It had a good mix of scenery, party spots, and a variety of local foods to try. We also met a lot of quality people, and I had a ton of fun exploring the city and hitting the nightlife with them. One of the highlights of this trip was when a group of us realized we all wanted to busk for money. We grabbed my guitar and some makeshift instruments, and then headed to a nearby train station. We decided the name of our band was Czeched Out, more on our performance later!

We arrived in Prague just in time to catch a beautiful sunset.
As dusk settled in, there was some great scenery at the river near old town.
We headed out to grab some dinner, and Camden spotted this burger place. They were pretty good for a European burger, and as you can tell absolutely massive! Good thing I was hungry.
The next day, we did a little more sight seeing. This is the beautiful Prague Astronomical Clock, with the Church of Our Lady Before Týn looming in the background.
Looking out on the river while exploring downtown. I really wanted to rent some kayaks and take them onto the river, but unfortunately we missed our opportunity as the weather took a turn for the worse on our second day.
I'm not sure why, but I always love these shots of statues overlooking things. They've been a recurring photo in my blogs, so here's another to add to the collection!
I've developed a rule of thumb when exploring - when in doubt, go up! It hasn't failed me so far, and as we climbed up the hill we got progressively better views.
Another view from our short hike up the hill. The days had started to blur together at this point, but if I recall correctly this photo was from a cool little bar that we found halfway up the hill.
As it turns out, Camden is allergic to one of the common grass varieties in the states. So when he spotted this field, he excitedly exclaimed "that's some nice grass!" and proceeded to go lay in it. It became a running joke for the rest of our trip.
Wesley and Camden posing at the Julius Zeyer Monument. The monument features a group of statues that represent figures from Zeyer’s poetry.
Wesley captured this candid photo of me checking out the nice view. This was overlooking the St. Vitus Cathedral.
From the base, the cathedral seemed to stretch into the heavens. Quite fitting, I suppose.
While I opted for a room in an AirBNB instead, I was welcomed with open arms to the hostel that Camden and Wesley were staying at. They hosted "family dinners" each night, with a homecooked meal from the staff. I cannot remember everyone's names, but Daniëlle is the girl with the pretty smile front and center. She was our soon to be third band member for Czeched Out :D
Later that night, we went out to this funky little place called Vzorkovna Dog Bar. It reminded me a lot of Milk Bar in Denver, such that there was a ton of different rooms (and bars) with their own vibes. As you can see, they even had foosball!
In addition to all the other areas, Vzorkovna also had a room with live music. This particular artist was singing a lot of American folk music, funnily enough. At this point of the night, my social battery was fully drained. But I had a nice time, escaping to this corner overlooking the live music and just enjoying that in itself.
Here's a funny little art installation I spotted while walking around.
Talking with a couple of friends at lunch, we realized that two of them (Wesley and Daniëlle) both had bucket list items to go busking. I'm always game to play some music, so we grabbed my guitar and a makeshift shaker and headed to the train station! It wasn't long before this little boy came by to give us a coin. He ran up, excited, but didn't know to drop the money into the guitar case. So he instead threw it at Wesley :)
We were halfway through our second song, and a passerby came storming up. At first we thought he was going to tell us to keep it down, but to our pleasant surprise he started singing along!
The guy was a traveling musician himself, and he stayed to jam with us. We even had an impromptu jam session, me playing guitar and him borrowing my harmonica.
Another delicious dinner with the hostel family!
We ended that night with a trip to a local underground bar. It was really hot inside, partly because of the lack of ventilation. And partly, as you can see, due to the sheer number of people partying. I originally escaped into this room because another was too crowded, but it wasnt long before the rest of the hostel followed suit and I found myself right back in the mix!