September 12th, 2021

Alright, all settled into San Francisco! I've been pretty busy with moving, working and catching up with friends. I also had some technical difficulties getting my server back online, and took the time to upgrade some stuff and rework the site.

I'm staying right across the street from Alamo Square Park and it's a great area! Central to a lot of things, and the park itself is beautiful. I'm exploring the city and decided to do #SoberSeptember to give my body and mind some time to refresh after partying in Hawaii for so long. It's a bummer I'll miss out on all the good bars and local craft beer, but I felt like it's what I needed.

I have a lot of photos to share from my exploration so far:

At Alamo Square Park, right across the street from where I'm staying. Great views, and it's an "off-leash" dog park so there's always tons of cute puppies running around :D
Live orchestra at the park! They were really good!
I spent the better part of one Saturday in Sausalito last weekend. I originally was just going to grab some coffee on my way to a hike, but found it so pleasant I ended up staying for most the day. Lots of cute little shops, and the weather was perfect.
An absolutely amazing view of the city, Golden Gate Bridge and bay while out hiking.
Another nice view while out hiking. A whole other kind of beauty from the hiking in Hawaii. Definitely less technically challenging hikes, and longer ones. I believe this was Point Diablo.
Seeing the city and Golden Gate Bridge from so high up was very picturesque. The fog rolls in from the sea and from this vantage point you can see it forming. Really wild!
Went out to a classic American BBQ joint with some friends. Reminded me of Georgia!
Catching up with some friends! Left to right is Jani, me and Phelix. Mine is a mocktail, still honoring #SoberSeptember!
The historic Murphy Windmill in Golden Gate Park.
Looking onto Seal Rocks. I saw no seals, but I did see rocks!
This was up near the Golden Gate Overlook. I biked through the park, and there were lots of cool little side trails that I'll probably come back later to explore on foot.
Really amazing view at the Crissy Field Overlook. This one took me by surprise, as I was cycling around Golden Gate Bridge and didn't expect much after passing the bridge itself. Literally turned around a corner and was immediately hit with this view!
Took a quick detour to walk around the Palace of Fine Arts. A really strange history to this one, as the entire thing was originally just made as part of a temporary festival. It's had some weird usages and history since then, from storing military vehicles to motorcades.