May 1st, 2022

Not very much to share for this week. As was the plan for Tahoe, I was mostly just hanging out by myself and enjoying that. I went out for a few bike rides, played a lot of guitar and got caught up on some work. Not any restaurant photos, since I also have a few pounds I want to drop and felt really motivated to eat well and exercise. All great things, but don't make for the most interesting blog posts.

A photo from one of the beaches. I don't think I would ever get tired of this view.
Went for a midday bike ride and stumbled upon a nice beach in a secluded area. What a great way to take a break from work and clear my mind!

April 24th, 2022

After spending a bit more than a month in Mexico, and then another week visiting the office in Mountain View, I was searching for a no-hassle escape to somewhere quiet where I could be alone with my thoughts. I was socially burning out, and falling behind on personal goals. When I realized it was shoulder season and I could snag a place for cheap in South Lake Tahoe, I jumped on the chance. Bonus points that I didn't need to take a plane, and could just drive there. I'm thinking this will be the start of a road trip across the US for me. The winds are pushing me towards Denver in a few months, and I'll gladly welcome the opportunity to not drag all my stuff onto planes for a while. That's expensive and annoying!

Anyways, this week I was mostly catching up on personal things, as well as putting my head down and focusing on work. I got snowed in for a couple of days, which was actually rather nice. However, I do have a ton of beautiful photos to share from the days which I did go out and explore!

I had the idea to set up the tripod in my car, and capture a time lapse of the drive into town.
A very scenic overlook while driving into town.
Sunset photos never come out quite right, but here's one from Lake Tahoe Harbor.
A couple days after my arrival, we had a winter storm come through. The forecast called for up to 14 inches, but in reality we only had two or three. This is the view from my window. Getting some work done while it was snowing outside was such a good vibe.
I was out cycling through the woods and came across this cluster of 10 or so abandoned houses. It was really bizarre. There were no signs of fire damage, and they had been boarded up long enough that people had made elaborate art all over them. It's not marked on Google Maps, but you can see it on the satellite view here.
Huge group of motorcyclists making their way down Highway 50 outside of South Lake! I wish I would have kept filming - the amount of cars stuck behind them was insane.
I was on a long cycle ride up the coast of the lake when I stopped at a small marina. There, I met a man named Ian and his cute little dog Luis. I was glad this happened, because there was a nearby rock formation that begged to be climbed. Ian told me how to access the trailhead, and off I went!
I was about halfway up the trail at this point, and already quite the view!
Stopping to take some photos and catch my breath. The trail ride was all uphill and brutal, especially at 7000+ feet elevation!
I had to ditch my bike for the last stretch and scramble up some rocks to make it to the top of Cave Rock. I was absolutely winded, but it was well worth the effort.
A static photo of the view from the top of Cave Rock. There was a 65 year old man named Merrill who I met at the top. Neither of us could believe he made it up there. He was on a weekend trip from Reno, and I can only hope to be as active as him at that age!
Another static photo from the top of Cave Rock. Easily one of the most awe-inspiring views I've seen so far. Really glad that I met Ian and was able to take this hike.