April 18th, 2022

While I am fully remote, many of my coworkers are now returning to the office. So I decided to drop into town for a week to visit them, as well as catch up with some old friends. Relatively few adventures this week, but lots of food!

Going to start strong with this one. While out biking on a trail, I came across this guy hopping along on his pogo stick. He was pretty far out there, and sweating profusely. I bet it's a good core workout!
I went out biking with a friend, and we got to chatting. Before we knew it, we had made it halfway to San Francsico! This is looking back, towards Mountain View. My legs were pretty sore after that ride!
I got to meet Riley, my friend's new baby girl. We went out walking together to grab some dinner, and this is her "late afternoon stroll" getup. It's a little weird to realize a baby is already cooler than I ever have been in my whole life.
Alice's birthday party! She's a very cool girl with a very cool group of friends.
The Google offices are returning to life. But something is off about these bananas...
My manager was very kind to allow me to take my team out for dinner on the company card. We chose Meyhouse, and opted for some wine and their full-course meal. They bring you what amounts to one of everything on the menu and you eat it "family style." Not pictured are appetizers, other entrees, side dishes and deserts!
Out to dinner with my friend Matt after our long bike ride. We found this super legit little Mexican restaurant called Costa Alegre, and split the mixed-meat fajitas. I got a chance to practice my Spanish some more, and their carnitas were absolutely phenomenal.